The Flyball Launcher has been so helpful to me. Being an outfielder this helps with adjusting to the ball, getting behind the ball, and getting a good read on it. I definitely recommend purchasing this item!!

Lilly R.

Quick set up. Easy to use. Perfect for all practices.


I ordered a fly ball launcher a little over a year ago and received it promptly. We have a dozen grandkids and they range in ages from 17 to 4. We love “playing ball” with them, but with such a range in age and capability, it’s hard to get them all involved simultaneously. The Fly Ball Launcher works wonderfully for this as I can make the “fly balls” as difficult or as easy as I want. The little ones get so excited when they can catch the balls just like their big cousins. A really neat and simple invention. Good quality materials. I leave the launch posts up permanently on the fence and just take down the rubber slingshot for the winter.

John C.

It’s awesome! Fast, efficient, and very useful!

Brad J.

My name is Nina Tamez, and I play middle infield at Alvin Community College for the softball team. The fly ball launcher is so useful in everyday practice. This product can produce ground balls, fly balls, and line drives. It is especially helpful when you’re running low on staff as it is an easy, simple one man utensil.

Nina T.

We used the launcher tonight for the first time and it was awesome!!! We will be ordering another one for sure. Have a good evening!

Neil M.

My daughter and I finally got out last Friday. I still haven’t mastered control of where they land, though the launcher worked perfectly! The more I practice, the better I’ll get. I appreciate all of your efforts, and even more so that you designed this in the first place. I am confident that not only will she get better this summer, we’ll have some fun in the process!

Rob Sukel